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Ribble Valley E-Bikes specialises in (you guessed it) …ebikes.

But currently ebikes are only for ages 14 and up, so we also stock the absolute best ‘conventional’ bikes for kids.

We did a huge amount of research before choosing which brands to offer.

Ribble Valley E-Bikes is one of only a handful of specialist stockists of Woom and Squish bikes. These are available online or from our Dunsop Bridge HQ.

What’s so special about Woom?

There are zero compromises with a Woom bike; 90% of parts and components have been specially designed for children and exclusively produced for Woom.

Woom bikes are 40% lighter than most kids bikes – and research shows that children learn to ride up to three times faster on a Woom bike – compared to conventional children’s bikes.

What’s so special about Squish?

Squish bikes are also designed to be super-lightweight and functional – and most importantly – fun! Made in Britain, Squish is a Birmingham-based company creating bikes with perfectly proportioned pedals and handlebars, designed to encourage keen cyclists and even tempt reluctant riders by making it easy and comfortable.

What makes a good bike? Kids’ version

Woom bikes and Squish bikes are bright, fun, fast, and comfy to ride. They’re not too big and hard to get on and off, and they are very light, so they’re easy to manage.

They have colourful matching helmets and really loud bells. Plus, they’re super cool to look at.

Why choose a Woom or Squish bike? Parents’ version

We did a huge amount of research before deciding which bikes we wanted to stock here at Ribble Valley E-Bikes, and Woom kids bikes were at the very top of the list. Designed in Vienna, each one has been created to perfectly consider the age and ability of the rider. We soon added Squish bikes to our offering thanks to their fun and functional designs and British heritage.

The various models in our range mean there are safe and stable (yet lightweight) bikes to see children right through their formative years.

kids bike

The lightest kids bikes you’ve ever seen?

The lightweight aluminium frame of each of these bikes has been designed with a low centre of gravity to minimise wobbling and toppling. A Woom 2 pedal bike (for ages 3 – 5 ish) weighs just 5.2kg. This means that it’s easy for kids to manage, but also – very importantly – it’s easy for you to carry when your child inevitably gets distracted and insists on paddling / collecting sticks / twirling around / having a piggy-back ride.

The importance of geometry

The ergonomics are slightly different for each bike. It’s not simply a difference in size, but a more in-depth response to what children need at different ages.

Woom Co-Founder Christian Bezdeka explains “Not all of the sizes have the same features since beginner riders need a different geometry compared to intermediate or more advanced riders.”

For the smaller bikes this translates, in part, to having a long wheelbase and positioning the seat lower ‘into’ the bike, means that stability is at its greatest – and yet, little riders are able to enjoy a confidence-building upright sitting position thanks to a flat seat angle, without feeling they are perched precariously on top of the bike.

Attention to detail

The ‘main reason’ we chose to stock both Woom and Squish bikes at Ribble Valley E-Bikes was actually a lot of little reasons. The attention to detail that goes into these bikes is second-to-none and is evident in a myriad of ways.

Chain guards prevent clothes (and ankles) getting stained and scraped, and the steering limiter on the smaller bikes prevents overturning and falling.

Different coloured brakes offer at-a-glance recognition and tiltable handlebars can even shorten or lengthen the reach to suit different torso and arm lengths, effectively creating a bike that is bespoke sized to your child.

Top tips for choosing kids bikes:

If you want to chat about your requirements, feel free to pop in and see us – or get in touch – for an honest, no-obligation chat about which bikes might best suit you and your family.

– Consider what will encourage them to use it

Good quality kids bikes might cost a bit more than cheap models, so you want to be sure they’ll get a lot of use out of it. Kids can be fickle, so take into account their favourite colour, and if a pickup rack is required for schoolbags, snacks or other important items…

– Consider what type of cycling they’ll be doing

If you live on a farm and go to Gisburn Forest at the weekend, chances are you’re going to want a mountain bike.

If you’re more likely to be in town, or on smooth-surfaced roads and lanes, you’re not going to want big knobbly off-road tyres. Think about the area around your house, and where you may go cycling as a family.

– Think about their height and agility

Some bikes are lower than others for children with shorter legs, and have lower frames for stepping over. If your child isn’t the best at balancing – you’re going to want a bike with a low centre of gravity to build their confidence. Nobody enjoys feeling unsafe and teetering about!

– Don’t succumb to wishful thinking

However much you might like to think your child’s new bike will be ridden carefully and stored perfectly, you know that it is occasionally going to be dropped, scraped and temporarily abandoned at the gates of the park. Choose a robust model that can withstand knocks and bumps. Look for longevity via kickstands and durable materials on the sides of the seat for when it is leant or dropped against a wall.

– Read the reviews

What may at first seem like a significant spend, suddenly seems much more sensible when you read reviews like “fine-tuned and perfected, woom bikes are the gold medal standard in kids’ bikes” and ‘After enjoying a balance bike, Wilf’s Christmas present was a beautiful, lightweight yellow Woom pedal bike from Ribble Valley e-Bikes – and he was riding it without help by Boxing Day!’

Don’t take the retailer’s word for it – not even ours. Read what other genuine customers have to say.

Adventure is out there!

Cycling is a fantastic, healthy hobby to start young and continue through the years. Squish bikes and Woom bikes are the perfect models to build confidence and encourage a life-long love of getting out on your bike.