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Moustache is a French cycle-maker located in the Vosges Mountains near the border with Germany. Named after the famous ‘handlebar moustache’ – associated with dapper cycling fashion for more than a century, the brand prices itself on doing bikes differently.

Moustache is on a mission to persuade more people to leave their cars at home – not just on the weekend – but every day. Hence Moustache e-bikes are named after the French days of the week – each day corresponding to a different style of cycling.

So on Monday (Lundi in French) we start the week, we go to work, we go to town, we do some shopping and the Moustache bike designed for the daily urban commute is the Lundi 27!

As the Moustache range has grown, additional riding styles and use cases have been integrated – including the XROAD hybrid range and the innovative new J range: a radical new design made in Europe.

Moustache J Series

J Series

The e-bike reinvented. The Moustache J Series is like no other e-bike. Designed from the ground up to be electrically assisted, this award-winning range of e-bikes raises the bar in terms of rideability, comfort and sustainability


The Lundi is the very first bike Moustache designed: pretty, comfortable, practical, and above all – easy to use. The open frame enables very easy step-over on the bike and the larger tyres provide a super comfortable ride. Equipped with Bosch’s Smart system, the new Lundi 27 models can connect to your smartphone and offer loads of new features.



The stylish hybrid Samedi is confident in the city but really lives for ‘Le Weekend’ in the forest, in the mountains or in the hilly countryside.

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