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Squish Balance Bike in Blue


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Brand: Squish
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Learning to balance on two wheels is all you need to start cycling, at any age!For many years parents have chosen stabilisers to help teach their child to cycle, but this completely removes the need for balance, so completely removes the most important skill your child needs. Therefore Squish always recommends a balance bike as your child’s first set of wheels.Low enough to stand over with confidence, but high enough to sit on and scoot along. As your child builds up speed, each stride gets further apart and in between strides, your child will quickly get to grips with staying upright! Once your child has mastered this, they can then start to get their head around using the rear brake to slow them down, again a very important skill when cycling!Squish have built their Balance Bike to be as light as possible (3.86kg) to not only help your child handle it, but also for when you inevitably have to carry it back home, or to the car when your child has had enough learning for one day!

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Squish Balance Bike in Blue






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