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Selle Italia X-LR TM Air Cross Saddle in Black


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Specifically designed for off-road use and the outcome of relentless product research. The X-LR stands out for the specific slant of its nose which slopes forward and makes for greater freedom in the saddle whilst riding. The shock absorber built into the composite-laminated carbon-fibre rail is a piece of state-of-the-art technology set to start a revolution. It does away with all vibrations coming up from the trail surface. This special technology borrows its features from the F1 world. Double-density padding design with a soft nose section that makes for greater ease of movement and higher comfort levels even whilst riding uphill the high-density rear provides all the stability you need whilst pedalling. Last but not least, the innovative anti-abrasion bumpers will give you peerlessprotection if you come off your bike. With a purpose-built structure featuring a downward-facing tip, it has been expertly engineered to ensure a good saddle position regardless of pedalling stance. This makes it the ultimate choice for mountain biking. It has a 4% reduction in length and width compared to a traditional saddle and this delivers exceptional ease of movement – something of the utmost importance for off road adventures. The clever combination of top-of-the-line materials means it is highly resistant to knocks, bumps and vibrations due to road impact. The use of cutting-edge know-how such as exclusive air-cross technology means that the saddle will stand the test of time. Aircross technology is a jet-spray construction technique that creates a dual-layer structure: the soft inner layer delivers just the right amount of comfort whilst the external waterproof layer offers total protection.This technology produces a coverless saddle with a single integrated cover and padding piece. The finished article provides impressive durability and resistance to wear. The saddles’ water proof qualities enable it to stand up to the worst extreme weather and off-road terrain you can throw at it. Cleaning the saddle back to box fresh good-as-new is easier than ever before. Standing up to considerable punishment, the X-LR resists ageing like no other saddle. Specifications: Weight: S 225g/L 235g Size: S 125x264mm/L 140x268mm Rail: Manganese tube ø7mm Reinforced edges Double density padding idmatch S1/L1

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Selle Italia X-LR TM Air Cross Saddle in Black Large, Selle Italia X-LR TM Air Cross Saddle in Black Small


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