Choosing Children’s Bikes

Introducing children to the joy and freedom of cycling is an exciting time for both parent and child, but it’s important to choose the right bicycle to ensure a safe and enjoyable learning experience.

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Balance Bike vs. Pedal Bike

The first decision is whether to go for a balance bike or a pedal bike. Balance bikes are small, lightweight bikes without pedals. They are designed to help children develop the balance and coordination necessary to ride a bicycle.

If your child is completely new to cycling, a balance bike may be the best option. Once your child has mastered the balance bike, you can then introduce them to a pedal bike.

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Size matters

It’s important to choose a bicycle that’s the right size for your child. If the bicycle is too big, your child will have difficulty controlling it and may be more likely to fall. If the bicycle is too small, your child will be uncomfortable and may not be able to pedal effectively.

To determine the right size bicycle, you should measure your child’s inseam: the measurement from the ground to the child’s groin. Use this figure with a sizing chart to find the right bike size.


Safety first

In addition to size, there are a number of other safety features to look out for when choosing a bicycle for a child:

Look for a lightweight bike with quality components that’s built to last. The occasional tumble is inevitable while your child learns to ride – the important lesson is to pick yourself and get back on the bike.

And once their confidence grows, children do tend to be pretty tough on their bikes, and here’s where choosing a quality bike from a brand that specialises in children’s bikes is well worth the premium.


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